20th October, 2002.
(By Frank Conry)

Belgian Blue
You will see no cattle grazing
Only bovines now
And each one has a code
Like BC for a cow.
The cull is grazing too
The poor old barn cow
They changed her code from BC
And they call her CC now.
There is no maiden heifer
With me you will agree
They changed her sex forever
By coding her as HE.
They coded bulls and bullocks
Each with the same BU
Though they differ quite a bit
And you know the reason too!
They coded every breed
A dozen that is true
But the best of all is BB
For the famous "Belgian Blue"
They will code each slice of beef
In time that's what they'll do
And if you don't wake up
They'll tag your ears too.
You will not get the headage
If the code is just not right
So check it out in daylight
And write it down at night.
If you're in any doubt
You may ring the DVO
You'll find them down in Sligo
Or over in Mayo.
Make sure you speak quite slowly
And when you hear the Moo
You just ask for BB
And you'll get the "Belgian Blue".
If you say this rhyme is foolish
Then you haven't got a clue
Of the red tape in the system
When you own a cow or two!!

Picture credit: Daniel Fouss